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Energy-generating furniture units

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Renewable energy and furniture doesn’t seem to tune any chord between them. While furniture is used to improve the aesthetics of your house, renewable energy needs specialized systems, which have to be placed in a way that brings them close to natural sources of energy. Proving conventions wrong, industrial designers have taken up the task to merge the two to create furniture that by harnessing energy adds significance to its artistic value. Check out some of the most striking energy generating furniture designs…

Empower Rocking Chair

The Empower Rocking Chair by Ryan Klinger is designed to harvest kinetic energy. The chair captures energy from its swinging motion and makes it available via USB and standard outlets for a variety of portable electronic devices.

Move Your Energy

Designed by Petr Novak, the Move Your Energy Chair is designed to convert the energy generated whenever it is set in a rocking motion. A kinematic mechanism is integrated in the chair that harnesses every movement of the chair and converts it into useful energy. This energy is either stored in the batteries, or can be used to light up your book with a built-in LED lamp that is powered by the dynamo beneath the seat.

SOLo Lounge Table

There is not just a great utility value to a solar panel, but if you look close enough there is some aesthetic beauty attached to that surface which would go beautifully both with the minimalist and the modern designs. Using silicon PV cells embedded in its glass surface, theSOLo Lounge Table collects and converts solar energy to clean and efficient electricity. It’s USB, lighter, and standard 3 prong outlets can be used to power your personal electronic devices.

Murakami Chair

Designed by industrial designer Rochus Jacob, the Murakami Chair is all about converting the back-and-forth movement of the chair into electricity. The chair uses the kinetic energy produced by the rocking movement to power an attached OLED lamp. During the day, the Murakami chair stores energy in an on-board battery back. And in the evening, stored energy provides juice for the lamp.

Solar Patio Tables

Afroditi Krassa’s Solar Patio Tables are covered in highly efficient photovoltaic cells that collect solar energy and feed the home with precious clean electrical energy. In order to avoid the stereotypical image of solar powered objects as high tech, ugly and gadgety, the designer has focused on materials and formal languages that are engaging, classic and timeless.

Solar Table

Priced at $2200, the Solar Table by Sun Table utilizes a solar panel and automatically stores backup energy to power any electronic device including laptops, cellphones, lights, radios and more. The solar cells charge the battery even when partially covered. A charged battery provides more than 4 hours of laptop use.

Sun Lounger

The Sun Lounger was thought up by designers over at PC World. Featuring solar panels, the Sun Lounger can charge the usual small gadgets we carry everywhere, MP3 players, phones, camera etc. The lounger would also include docks for you camera and MP3 player. As well as having USB ports, it has Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, speakers, a game console holder, LCD screen and headphone sockets.

The Solar Panel Chair

The Solar Panel chair can transform incident sunlight into usable electricity, which can later be used to power your portable electronic gear.

Solar Powered Outdoor Chair

Designed by Samantha Pattillo, the Solar Powered Outdoor Chair is endowed with solar panels that help charge batteries that are later used to power the light inside the chair. Harnessing power from the sun, the chair appears to be glowing. The light beneath and upper ring of the chair glow as the evening falls.

Solar Inside

The Solar Inside by industrial designers Sean Park, Olbae Woo, and Owen Song is an eco-friendly solar-powered material applied bench. The bench converts sunlight into electricity to recharge an onboard battery, which can later fuel a number of gadgets and lights.


The Cinco by industrial designer Helena Bueno offers a comfortable meeting point for pedestrians and also generates solar electricity using solar cells. Harvested energy is then used to power LED lights at night. Made from anodized aluminum, the Cinco outdoor furniture offers sitting space for five, so when your wait is finally over you can start your conversations at the same place.

Solar Powered Workspace

The Solar Powered Workspace by Mathias Schnyder can be shifted where there is some spare space. This workspace features solar cells on the sunroof that generate solar electricity. The table can charge a notebook computer using the electrical socket placed in the center of the table.

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