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Simple ways to say Thank You Earth!

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Charity begins at home. And if you really want to show the real green side of you, it should definitely begin from home. Just being concerned about climate changes or green house effect doesn’t work. Apart from being conscious, we need action; things to be done in day to day life that can really make a difference for the environment and influences others also.

Here are a few ways to show you how a few small changes in the way you live can not only be a big move towards being green and can actually save you a lot of money.

Use low emission travel methods

Do you ever wonder what happens to plastic packaging of the pre packaged food or gift wrappers that generously fill our dustbin? It goes to the landfill and emits toxins there until recycling agencies notice them. Do your bit and instead of throw away attitude recycle them. Use the Green Bin. Try and reuse items like polythene bags and plastics. It not only saves a lot of energy for the manufacturers to get materials to make them again, but also reduces the number of products reaching landfill.

Use natural methods while building or furnishing your house. Turn to recycling. A lot of things that you’d just want to throw away while construction could actually be recycled.

Be natural, buy organic

Do u know using conventional farming products use far more energy than organic farming? Also these methods pollute fertile soil in much bigger a way. Switch to buying organic products and sya thank you to Earth in your own special way.

Do some charity

Want to throw all that clutter. Don’t know what else to do with it? Call up the charity. Get some blessings. Moreover fengShui suggests that a clutter free home gets a lot of positive energy.

Use kitchen compost

Most of the kitchen waste can be changed into compost in the most natural and eco friendly way using earthworms. Bring this change and use the natural compost for a greener kitchen garden.

Green Tariff

Get green Energy. A lot of energy suppliers are providing green tariffs. The energy supplied in through renewable sources and doesn’t cost more than conventional methods of energy supply. UK government has already introduced this kind of tariff plan.

Use energy saving light bulbs

Use energy savings light bulbs like CFLs as they emit 70% less emissions than a normal bulb. Another great option is to turn off those extra lights and appliances when not in use. Do u know that 8% of energy gets totally wasted because the appliances are on the stand by mode!

Use low emission travel methods

Cut down on those extra flights. Use a cycle or walk down to that nearest mall or shop online. Make efforts at your end to cut down emissions.

These small little changes in our lifestyle can not only help us make a good impression on others, but it will also help us ensure a better and cleaner environment for our generations to come. After all it’s us, who are responsible for the condition that our Earth is in today

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