Concept trikes that run clean on electric engines

It seems that the global warming bug has bitten the trike makers too. Now, in an aim to revolutionize personal urban transport and keep the environment clean at the same time, the trike makers are coming up with new trikes to be powered by electricity. These futuristic electric trikes will not just keep the environment clean, but they will also provide people with an alternate mode of personal transportation to the future commuters. The future of these trikes looks bright given; they are able to deliver what they are promising now. Here is a glimpse of ten such trikes which are promising to revolutionize future urban transport and will be powered by electricity.

P.I.E.T Concept electric trike:

The Plug-in Electric Tricycle or the P.I.E.T is the brainchild of designer Lorenz Nasdal and designer Laurent Hompesch. The P.I.E.T is powered by a battery pack which is situated under the seat. The P.I.E.T combines the features of a car and a scooter perfectly. It can easily be parked in a cramped area as its rear wheel can be pulled backwards. The commuter will be protected by a frame which needs to folded upwards to enter and exit the vehicle. The P.I.E.T concept looks neat and will surely catch the imagination of future urban commuters.

E-3POD electric trike concept sponsored by Citroen:

The E-3POD static is a electric trike designed and conceived by Royal College of Art student Heikki Juvonen. This concept trike has two angled wheels at the front and a large wheel in the back. The rear wheel is hubless and houses the cabin where the commuter will be seated. The interior space of this trike is also more as compared to other similar trikes.

Honda’s 3R-C reverse trike:

The 3R-C from Honda is a fully electric single seat trike powered by a lithium-ion battery pack. It has been designed by Honda’s Milan studio and it was unveiled at the Geneva Motor Show last year. The 3R-C has a clear canopy which protects the driver’s seat when it is parked and when the 3R-C is in motion it acts as a windshield. The commuters will also be able to carry luggage in the 3R-C since it comes with a lockable boot area which is located in front of the driver.

Bembli battery powered trike:

This is one trike concept which surely looks futuristic in its appearance. Designed by Marouane Bembli, this futuristic trike is already making waves with trike lovers all around the world. The vehicle is powered by electricity and is extremely easy to build which makes it both environment friendly as well as cost effective. The body of this trike is built with a single replaceable module to keep the weight of the trike down. The driver can replace the module anytime with another one.

The IKONE “shoe” trike:

The IKONE electric trike is designed by designer Karim Guelmi will be powered by a lithium-ion battery pack and is an improvement over traditional trikes in many ways. It promises increased range and mileage to the commuters over conventional trikes. The lithium-ion battery pack can be easily charged from a household outlet. Its unique shoe shaped designs points to the fact that the primary consideration of the designer was to keep the weight of the vehicle down.

The Roadrunner electric trike:

The roadrunner electric assist trike weighs less than its commuters. At just 26kgs, it is probably the lightest trike design the world has ever seen. The secret to its lightness lies in the fact that its entire body is made up of carbon fiber composite. The Roadrunner is powered by a lithium-ion battery pack and it also has space for carrying luggage. It has been designed by industrial designer Cikaric Dragan.

GOZA eCycle concept:

The GOZA eCycle concept hardly looks futuristic in its appearance. But it does have some pretty good technology embedded into it. The GOZA has been designed by a San Fransisco based company named Chromascope. They have developed the GOZA eCycle keeping a predominantly Japanese customer base in mind. The three wheel design of the GOZA offers greater stability and a hubless crank design combined with VDP transmission that conserves energy.

Dissent Magneto electric trike:

This is probably the coolest trike of the lot. Designed by Ryan Jacobson, the Dissent Magnetois capable of changing its shape according to the speed at which it is traveling. The Dissent moves it two front wheels closer to each other when the trike is accelerating in order to reduce drag. But when the rider brakes, the Dissent moves its wheels outward to offer the rider an enhanced stability. The Dissent Magneto is powered by a magnetic levitation propulsion system which draws power from its onboard batteries and Hydrogen.

The Epic EV Torq eletric trike:

The EV Torq is a concept three wheeled sports car from a California based company called Epic. It is powered by 30kWh lithium-ion phosphate battery which runs a 200hp electric motor. It has no windscreen. The EV Torq is a front wheel drive vehicle with low traction. It has disc brakes located at all the three vehicles for superior braking capacity. The interior of the EV Torq features a digital dashboard with two cup holders and add in entertainment system.

e-Trike concept of Onno Fridrich:

The e-Trike concept of Onno Fridrich aims to reduce emission in the future by using electricity as power source rather than petroleum. It has two closely attached wheels in the front of the trike and one single wheel in the back. It has space only for the driver and a windscreen to protect the driver from gushing wind.

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