10 Concept Green Cars Designed to be Powered by Hybrid Engines

Green car

Across our planet every day, millions and millions of tons of harmful green house gases are emitted by cars. And, with the surge in temperatures and oil prices, organizations have decided to go the greener way. Hybrid cars have gained much importance nowadays due to the problem of global warming. These cars promise to be less harmful to our planet and also to us, human beings. Given below are 10 such cars that aim for a greener and thus better future!

1. Chevrolet Futuristic Hybrid Car Concept ‘Mi-Ray’

Mi Ray

In Korean, Mi-Ray symbolizes future and this car from General Motors is an apt plug-in hybrid car for our sustainable future. The car is powered by a 15 KW twin motor and lithium ion batteries. Its body is made up of carbon fibers and aluminum which promises a powerful look. The company claims that the car can generate a fuel efficiency of approx 60 mpg.

2. Cadillac Ciel Concept Hybrid Car


Ciel means Sky in French. This GM brand is concept car has a 3.6-liter dual turbocharged V6 engine that has the capacity to generate 425 horsepower. Cadillac Ciel also has lithium-ion batteries. Meant for four people, this convertible car is sure to impress you with its brilliant interiors and space. The car has a 125 inches wheelbase. Its front doors open in the usual manner whereas the back ones are rear hinged with no B-pillar. A perfect example of green-luxurious car!

3. Buick Envision Plug-In Hybrid SUV Concept

Buick Envision

Beauty coupled with Power! Envision from Buick is a plug-in hybrid car having a two liter engine and electric motor generators to power itself up. It is a spacious car designed in a unique manner so that the radiator inside receives sufficient air to cool itself.

4. Squalus Concept

Squalus concept

Powered by a hydrogen engine and four electric engines, this car definitely aims to make our planet greener. The electric engines are placed in each of the four wheels. The best part being that the engines get charged up while the wheels are running.

5. Hybrid Tourer Concept of Subaru


Subaru is all set to come up with a hybrid car in 2013. It is being said that the car will have features similar to Hybrid Tourer Concept, Legacy and Impreza. According to sources, the car is more likely to have a 2-liter turbo boxer engine, lithium ion capacitor and a CVT.

6. Jaguar Debuts C-X16 Hybrid Concept

Jaguar C-X16

Emitting 165 gm of carbon dioxide every km, this car from Jaguar is simply mind boggling. Made up of aluminium the car has an amazing sporty look. Coming to its main parts, the C-X16 has a three liter V6 engine which generates up to 376 hp and 332 pf of torque. The ‘Push to Pass’ button on top of its steering wheel promises to take you from 0-60 mph in merely 4.3 seconds. Also, when you push this button, the car’s electric engine comes into picture and generates up to 92 hp. The luxurious car also has lithium ion batteries.

7. Volkswagen XL1 Hybrid Concept Car


Conforming to the Euro VI emission standards, this hybrid car claims to use merely 0.9 liters of fuel for every 100 km. The car consists of an electric motor, lithium ion batteries and a dual cylinder TDI engine. Measuring 3,888 mm x 1,665 mm x 1,156 mm and having a wheelbase of 2,224 mm, the XL1 delivers a fuel efficiency of 331 mpg.

8. Toyota Hybrid Car Made of Seaweed


The 400 kg car from Toyota is made from seaweeds and has a 500 cc engine. Its body is made from carbon fibers which protect the car in case an accident occurs. The car uses electricity to power itself up. However, you will have to wait for around 8 years to buy this car.

9. Oxygen Concept Car


This car from Leonardo Archilli, quite amazingly, promises to pump oxygen into the air instead of carbon dioxide. Dubbed as oxygen, the car has a unique roof that stores the sun’s energy. It also uses carbon dioxide from the air and generates hydrocarbons, its main source of energy.

10. Peugeot SxC


The Shanghai Cross Concept Car from the French car maker is sure to amaze you once you look at its interiors. Measuring 4.870 m x 2.035 m x 1.610 m, the car has a 1.6 liter fuel engine to power its front wheels and an electric engine to power its rear wheels. The S x C promises to emit 143 kg of carbon dioxide per km with a fuel efficiency of 48.7 mpg. However, when you drive it at lower speeds, you do not leave a carbon footprint.

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