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Zero-Impact Urban Mobility vehicle, transcending conventional reality

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zero impact urban mobility vehicle
Here is a concept that intends to be idealistic, defying the bounds of reality and convention. It’s a rarity to find designers thinking on the parameters of sustainable development, but with the need of the hour, these thoughts are welcomed. Designer Natalie Bonebrake, isn’t a new entry here, and this design of a personal transportation mode, is a flexible concept that includes several elements, emphasizing on the glitters of her name.

Natalie Bonebrake envisions the problem of overpopulated cities, and a need for more efficient and environmental-friendly transportation ‘ a thought that is well exhibit in the design. A transport system with one-man cars ‘ or pods ‘ running from station to station. The Zero emission, Eco Friendly vehicle, hangs from a magnetic levitation track; this removes the need for the vehicle to have an on-board power source eliminating localized emissions, except for the electromagnetic radiation, dramatically lightening the vehicle.

The Zero-Impact Urban Mobility transcends over the illustrative transportation means that we boast off today. The cites have gone overcrowded, and soon they may exhaust with traffic and human congestion, then will be the time when such concepts will be an interesting way, which should help decongest the cities in need.

The concept is presented as raising the transport off the terrain. The pods are assumed to connect to a rail system that’ll befit users allowing them to travel about the city similar to how a train or subway system does, but that, with no localized emissions. Connecting to the pod surely allows the users to travel effortlessly through the city, but this engineered prototype has another excellent trait. On connecting with the chassis, it becomes a wheeled vehicle, with no source of energy, traveling through the same rails, thereby allowing the user to enjoy the freedom of having a car without the responsibilities of having a car.

The concept sure is interesting, but it demands for an inclusion of developing an integrated transport system throughout the city. Cutting-edge indeed, hope someday the concept eventually become a reality.

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