Eco-friendly Toyota RiN can detect mood-swings


Here is Toyota’s brand new car to beat the materialistic luxury of the luxury cars. Even inside the most spacious, air-conditioned luxury car we breathe in stale air. Can’t quite do without air freshener.

Toyota’s new RiN, to be displayed at the Tokyo Motor Show later this moth makes you feel healthy, keeps you fresh and it’s window glass protects you from harmful ultraviolet rays but gives a clear and bright view of the exterior. Interestingly, the car is fitted with an emotion sensor that senses the mood of the driver, sends the information back to the meter cluster of the “mood-training” steering control – the colour of the car changes depending upon the driver’s mood.


The special air-conditioning system measures oxygen level and humidity within the car. With the car’s transparent floor, its fun to watch the road under your feet while the car is in motion.

toyota rin

This enviro friendly car gives the driver an overall serene and in-par-with-nature effect. With petrol run vehicles polluting the air, all we breathe is smoke and carbon monoxide. So, we have every reason to switch to alternatives that would ensure some clean air to breathe in. Innovations like the RiN that doesn’t compromise on any essential feature of a normal car with some interesting eco friendly add ons need to be welcome. If more of these replace the conventional cars, the world is sure to restore it’s true essence and become a better place to live in.

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