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Toyota working on next-gen induction motors for electric cars

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Eco Factor: Efficient electric motors to be made without using Chinese rare earth materials.

We all know that our much loved electric cars are propelled by electric motors that require rare earth materials, which are found in China. Since China is putting restrictions on the exports of these materials, Toyota is planning to develop next-gen electric motors that don’t require them. While conventional electric motors use magnets to work, the new motors developed by Toyota are based on inexpensive induction motors that make use of electromagnets.

Normally, induction motors are used in kitchen appliances such as mixers and are known to be inefficient and large in size. Toyota, however believes that its new technology will help produce advanced induction motors that have good specifications for HEVs and EVs. Moreover, these motors will also help reduce the cost of electric vehicles, making them more affordable for the masses.

Via: Treehugger

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