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Eco Friendly Tango Electric Car – Good things do come in small packages!

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tango commuter cars
Is it a car or a motorcycle? Something so small yet powerful that it seems too good to be true. A first look at it, tells me it’s a car, but when I go into the details, it gives me the impression that makes it much more than just a motorcycle. A car, that is as compact and efficient as a motorcycle in the busy traffic, only superior to it in safety and performance. Meet Tango, an urban automobile solution that is being offered with zero emissions and high speed performance, well suited for the city. With over 1000 pounds of torque, it can leap from zero to 60 mph in four seconds without any differential, it finishes a standing quarter-mile in about twelve seconds at over 100 mph. Tango may easily belong to the race car category, the only difference is that this small but mighty car is much safer and its four pint harnesses are much easier to get into. The side protection is estimated at 4 timed higher than that of a typical SUV. Built around a steel roll cage, it meets or exceeds both SCCA and NHRA regulations (racing organizations that specify cage design to protect the occupants of cars crashing at over 200 mph). Don’t you worry, you won’t roll over, and this car is vouched to have stability higher than those of sports car. And the feeling of being entrapped just vanishes as the extremely high strength to surface area ratio allows optimum visibility from within. All this and more comes with no maintenance as this lead acid battery operated car (the same batteries that can pull a 100-car freight train) doesn’t waste your time with oil change or tune-up. Just plug the car for the night in a 110 volt outlet and it is ready to be used for eighty miles non stop. During the day time rush however ten minutes at a 200 amp charging station. Although Tango is not aimed at replacing family cars but it can act as an automobile option with ample cargo space. It gives you the freedom to use this car in ways that will make it more than just it. Trailers in front and rear, it can be used to pull a plane out of its hangar or tow a generator trailer; it can even be towed by a motor home when you leave for a country wide excursion. An ultra slim car, it takes two to tango in this car. It can fit into the parking space left between two cars or unusable parking places and can also park perpendicular to the curb. In the maddening traffic, Tango does seem to be a viable option. More and More Tangos are getting ready to hit the roads as you read this. With three models T100, T200 and T600 available online for $18,700, $39,900and $108,000 for a deposit of $500, $1000 and $10,000 respectively, the kit cars will be delivered within six months of order.

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