Synthetic trees to capture Carbon Dioxide and save the planet

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A quick whack! For the demons known as Climate change or Global warming or greenhouse gases! These big and alarming word have already created panic among environmentalists, with scientist trying their level best to control these monsters. How about a Knight in Armour, a synthetic tree (looks more like a giant fly squat), which would soak carbon dioxide and let us breathe purer water and help fight back these monsters.

The call of the day is synthetic tress, a research that Prof. Of Geophysics Klaus Lackner, Columbia University is quite hopeful of. With its giant fly squat look, this tree will be nothing like the normal trees we are chopping down everyday. With a footprint as huge as a football field, this tree will not only capture carbon, but also generate power. The idea is to develop a process to arrest and store carbon dioxide, similar to the process of Photosynthesis. The image shows how these trees will look like (and also the world with these trees by 2080, may be!)

Acting like a giant sponge to soak carbon dioxide, the synthetic tree will be 1,000 feet high with criss-cross branches of liquid sodium hydroxide. The tree will capture around 90,000 tons of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and generate approximately 3MW of power. It is capable to soak carbon from whichever source it comes from, promising a cleaner atmosphere.

The concept definitely shows potential and will prospective system to clean air, as many countries are struggling to achieve control over pollution. So, a movement to plant synthetic trees is on the offing, sounds interesting indeed, isn’t it?

Via: Environmental Graffiti

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