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SuperKraken renders protection from the sun while playing

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The only reason why I stop my kids from venturing out in the sun for some fun-filled action is the harshness of UV rays. Sun is considered next to god, at least for eco-folks, as everything can be powered with its ever-available, unrestricted energy. However, the negative effects of its rays deter me from allowing my children out in the open when the sun is at its fullest. If only we had a SuperKraken installed in the play area of our complex. A concept designed by NotuDesigns and developed for the Brazilian Alcoa Innovation Competition, this play structure works as a space where kids can unleash their imaginations. Featuring a geodesic dome crafted from polycarbonate plates that are coated with anti-UV film, it houses marine-life-themed slides and swings.

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Bringing the world of the ocean out in the open under the sun and at the same time protecting kids from the damaging side-effects of the sun’s rays, the SuperKraken will get almost all yays from concerned parents.
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