Solar-safe: wristband to monitor the skin exposure to sun

solar safe wristband

Do you enjoy going out in the sun on chilling days? However, we all know that a prolonged exposure to sunlight is also harmful for the skin and health, leading to skin cancer. To monitor on, when to put on more sun blocks, or when to get out to the sun or into the shade, here is a new waterproof wristband. Yes, a wristband – it can accurately reveal your skin’s exposure to the sun’s harmful rays.

With the increase in the level of exposure to the sun’s UV rays, the band changes its colours through a range of shades, which provides a visual representation of your skin’s capability to take direct sunrays. Hence, it alerts the wearer either to reapply sun block, or get out of the sun. Priced at £6.99, just grab one and enjoy your holidays in the beach without worrying of the sunray hazards or sunburns.

Via: Nigels Eco-store

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