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Solar Powered cooler- Keeps things cool + hot

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Solar-Cool Technologies has rolled out its solar powered cooler. If you are thinking this is just another product, then you may have to think again. The reason being, this solar powered cooler saves time, money and the environment. ‘It is more than just a cooler with a solar panel’. The cooler works like a utilitarian multipurpose charging tool for your laptops, phones etc (handy when you are out camping, picnic or outdoor). The part that excites me more than the solar concept is its capacity to keep things cool or hot (depends on what role you want it to play). With the sun’s mercy it can keep 30 degrees below or 30 degrees above the present temperature. Isn’t this cool? With respect to the environment the makers claim that each cooler being used offsets 5,000 pounds of CO2 per annum. Now a promotion tactic – More people buy/use more CO2 will offset from the environment. The cost of this utility device is $250. Video after the jump.

Via: Youtube

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