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Septage Bioreactor Landfill technology to blend sewage with garbage for fuel!

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septage bioreactor landfill technology

Viridis Waste Control LLC has come up with a new kind of waste treatment system, which surprisingly has the potential to generate renewable fuel massively. It can reduce landfill usage and the complete process comes under the name of Septage Bioreactor Landfill technology.

This could be called as the never said before technique as the whole hygienic concept is on blending sewage with garbage. This technology gives us the knowledge about how the organic matters in both sewage and garbage decompose and produce methane on their own.

The energy potential of this resources has already tapped many processes related to waste treatment system. Would you like to know about how this actually occurs? The anaerobic microorganisms in the waste and organic matter produce methane as a by-product.

The practice of decomposition will now be faster, parallel to the large amount of bacteria and organic matter. Even when Landfill garbage breaks down and decomposes the bacteria level, it’s considered to be quite slow.

Septage Bioreactor Landfill technology can blend with ground garbage thus allowing the organic matter to decompose faster. Methane that is created in a short period of time at a large quantity will be spout for fuel. Sure to be called as a reliable source of energy, this waste treatment system would be considered as a sustainable practice, in future.

Source: Green Geek

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