Sanyo showcases renewable energy generating Solarve Bus

the solarve bus by sanyo 1

Eco Factor: Bus generates renewable solar energy to power interior lighting and air fresheners.

Japanese electronics manufacturer Sanyo has unveiled a futuristic vehicle called the Solarve Bus that’s green both inside and out. The green solar machine uses solar power to provide juice for the bus’ lights and air filters that keep the interiors more comfortable.

the solarve bus by sanyo 2

The vehicle’s roof carries photovoltaic panels to generate renewable electricity, which reduces engine load. Moreover, with the kind of progress Sanyo is making in photovoltaic technology, it probably won’t be long before some of that solar energy is used as a driving force.

the solarve bus by sanyo 3

the solarve bus by sanyo 4

the solarve bus by sanyo 5

Images Courtesy: Yahoo Japan

Via: CNN Go

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