Revolutionary ‘Cloud-Seeding Yachts’ to arrest global warming

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Reduction in the burning of fossil fuels is an ideal solution to arrest the global warming problem. Professors John Latham and Stephen Salter have designed a fleet of yachts (wind-powered unmanned vessel) that would pump fine particles of sea-water into clouds, thickening them to reflect more of the Sun’s rays.

Calculations show that if there is about 3% increase in the amount of sunlight reflected back into the space, the cooling will balance the global warming caused by increased CO2 in the atmosphere.

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There would be the need to spray sea-water droplets continuously over a significant fraction of the world’s oceanic surface, at a total rate of around 50 cubic meters per second for producing adequate cooling.

The amount of cooling could be controlled, via satellite measurements and a computer model. In addition to global temperature stabilisation, the technique could be used to remedy more regional problems, such as dying of the coral reefs as a result of ocean warming.

The plan is ecologically benign in which only sea water is required as raw material. In this scheme there is a possibility of buying time within which catastrophic warming could be staved off and carbon dioxide levels are being reduced to an acceptable degree.


Source: BBC

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