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What’s Next: Renewable energy powered portable generators for your off grid house

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Renewable energy powered portable generators

Rising pollution level has increased the use of renewable sources of energy. Various renewable sources such as solar energy, wind energy, geothermal energy are some major green ways to generate electricity. However, solar energy is the primary choice amongst all other choices.

Apart from power generation, several other needs also get fulfilled by these sources. Such as via techno gadgets in the form of solar laptop charges, solar briefcases and much more. Hence, many portable devices are designed by using renewable sources of energy. Similarly, wind turbine power also gets portable in the form of wind generators. In the same way, ozone generator is invented, which mainly helps to eliminate the odors in the surrounding. The ozone generator is efficiently manufactured by using U.S. technology based on double dielectric barrier discharge technology. It directly increases the amount of ozone and increases the efficiency by very low maintenance benefit. The ozone generators are very useful for places like restaurant, veterinary halls and garbage storage areas in order to refresh the air for long run.

Need for change

Several changes are performed in order to advance the usage of renewable portable power generators. For example, recently a unique power generator named Hymera fuel cell portable generator is launched. The main highlight is the use of light weight hydrogen cylinder for its proper functioning. Such machines are highly beneficial to attain high efficiency with low energy applications. This is very much in demand in railway and lightning projects. On the other side, another generator called propane gas generator is invented in order to save all your food stuffs inside of the refrigerator even during power cuts for long hours. The use of propane as a fuel makes it more reliable for maximum power generation. Another portable machine called solar power generator is especially made for external usage during vacations. This is one of the ecofriendly media of power generation. The entire iLand setup consists with storage benefit of produced energy and can be used for lightning LED bulbs.

What’s next?

1. Hybrid home generator

Hybrid home generator

What’s new?

If you are an outdoor personality, then Hybrid home generator is highly beneficial for you. Now you do not have to worry about charging your basic electronic gadgets like cellphones or PMPs devices etc. The hybrid home generator mainly designed in order to fulfill all your needs in outdoors.

What difference will it make?

This special generator uses solar and wind energy both to produce power for your electronic devices especially in outdoor areas. It functions efficiently with the aid of layer of solar panels and wind turbine, attached to it. In addition to that, a storage battery is also equipped by the generator to further charge your electronic devices. Hence, entire green medium of charging your electronic devices is invented.


The only problem is that it can be used in outdoor and only in presence of solar energy.

2. Bike generator

Bike generator

What’s new?

As we all know, cycling is one of the most healthy and green ways of going from one destination to another. What about utilizing the energy produced at different places during cycling? Well, it is quite possible by the help of commuter cyclist sustainable energy source. The energy is mainly obtained from various biking stages like during brake, compression, going downhill and even while crossing via speed-breakers in the road.

What difference will it make?

The entire tower of piezoelectric chips network is used for playing the role of shock absorber. These chips further used to generate electricity for daily basis power requirements. On the other side, the chargeable storage unit is located just below the seat of the cycle. The problem which is expected is the combined use of bike and generator for multi-purpose usage.


However, the ecofriend concept can be questionable with the usage of generator with ecofriendly practice of biking.

3. Cyclus personal electricity generator

Cyclus personal electricity generator

What’s next?

One more attractive portable generator is introduced by considering your need of charging gadgets anywhere and anytime. The personal electricity generator is easy to be carried by you anywhere you want.

What difference will it make?

The portable machine easily charged up your electronic gadgets like iPod and cellphones very proficiently. The renewable energy based device works with the help of 12V DC motor. All you need to do is to just twist the base of the device. As a result, you can use the generated electricity for next thirty minutes continuously.


As no specific renewable source is mentioned with this device, only kinetic energy is getting converted into electricity is confirmed yet. Therefore, exact mechanism is not known so far. The complete device lacks the entire functioning details. This is the only problem with Cyclus personal electricity generator.

4. Loopwing generators

Loopwing generators

What’s next?

The loopwing generator is very wonderful piece of innovation indeed. The loop-shaped wing design actually helps to convert the wind energy into electricity. The complete set up works on the usage of solar energy and wind energy both. The main application of such generators is majorly seen through street-lightning purpose. The main highlight is its less-noisy factor.

What difference will it make?

Overall, the street lights does not require any power source and can be directly connected to LED display system anytime. One of the special types of Loopwing generators are also available in varied size versions like small and medium sized wind generators. They are efficient enough to produce up to eleven kilowatt electric power. No matter, it is a very clean and green way of power generation.


However, again such type generators work on combined availability of solar and wind energy. Therefore, both requirements should be fulfilled for gaining desired function by Loopwing generators.

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