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Recycled Art: Carry your keyboard around on your cool new purse!

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keyboard purse
People are finding strange new ways to make sure that they do not waste anything and make use of almost every piece of trash that surrounds the. Maybe that does not sound as cool as it should, but the way in which modern art and design are going, they make everything that is generally considered worthless appear useful and even fashionable. That is the way in which modern designers are carrying their craft. While most of us like our PCs, this is taking it to a whole new level.

I really like my keyboard and mouse as much as a normal person should. I like them more as they are wireless and that makes them a lot better than the ones generally found. But I never thought that one could carry around their key board in this crazy fashion. Once your old keyboard has worn out its lifespan it ends up chucked, however exciting it may be. Well this geeky bag proves that life doesn’t have to end when the keystrokes die, with a design that incorporates keys all over it. Designer Joao Sabino has taken an everyday item and turned it into a wearable piece of art that really does not look out of place.

While the ‘Keyboard Purse’ might not be the most fashionable accessory, if you happen to work in a big software company, you could be the coolest person in the entire firm as you walk in with this. It really does not look bad at all even otherwise and I guess people will soon start making stuff out of old mouse or even other system parts. I have seen earrings made of circuit components; so I’m not too stunned.


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