Phoenix sports world’s most eco friendly cellphone towers

ecofriendly cell phone towers

Cell phones have brought about a revolution in technology and brought the world closer. They have made communication not just easy and effective but also have made talking a lot more convenient and cheaper. They have made life a lot easier for many across the world and not to mention I’m one of them, who is very happy about their booming presence. But it is also true that their operation and maintenance is a tad bit difficult and connectivity has always been a problem.

Mobile network providers have always made sure that they put out every effort so as to ensure that their network reaches the consumers every where. In their effort to ensure that this happens, they have erected many a tower across the planet. But here is a wonderful way to do away with all those huge, boring towers and make sure that you still are giving your customers a complete connectivity.

A Cell phone company in Phoenix, Arizona has put their equipment on top of tall palm trees and it seems that they are doing just fine. These green cell phone towers offer both height and strength along with saving money and the planet. The idea is really nice and innovative. It offers a nice natural solution to the problem of many a cell phone company. But the problems of reliability still persist. Not to mention, this might not be a great option in places with high winds and frequent storms. Otherwise it is a great green idea.

Via: KeralaFeeds

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