Noritz Tankless Water Heater: Top 5 Models

Noritz is a water heater manufacture that has been making products with revolutionary product designs against a pioneering technological backdrop. The company’s vision has always been toward saving the environment from harmful emissions involved in water heating. Through continuous research and development, Noritz has built a water heater product that uses tankless technology.

So what’s tankless water heater technology? It is a flow-through water heating technology that uses no tank to store the water. This is because design of storage-tanks inhibits water heat capture when not in use. So actually you end up spending more on heating and re-heating. Because once heated, the water in the tank might cool off. But with tankless water heating technology, you don’t have this situation.

The following are 5 top tankless water heater models from Noritz.

1. Noritz NR98-DVC-LP
BRAND : Noritz
PRICE : USD 1159.74

Noritz NR98-DVC-LP water heater has more power than any other in its class. Ideal for mid-sized homes it can heat water for at least four showers at a single point of time. Featuring a safety mechanism such as safety lock-out, the water heater automatically shuts off when water is heated to temperatures that cross the threshold level. You can configure this threshold level. For now, the default threshold level is 120 degrees. During the winters, you don’t need to worry about the water getting frozen inside the water heater. The freeze-protection feature of the water heater denies any freezing of water.

You can perch the water heater as high as you want. It has an elevation adjustment mechanism that renders it stable. Usable only indoors, the water Noritz NR98-DVC-LP water heater can also be installed in small space with not much air-flow. It has concentric venting that enables it to be installed without any venting clearances.


The water heater has a thermal fuse that protects the water heater from overheating. All models of the water heater have a thermal efficiency of 84 percent.

Can be fitted in any space and at any altitude
Highly efficient with configurable temperature limits and also featuring thermal fuse.

2. Noritz NR66-SV-NG (N0531S-NG) Tankless Water Heater
BRAND : Noritz
PRICE : USD 761.22

NR-66-SV is suitable for apartments and townhouses, because it can be sized accordingly. Delivering more efficiency than tank water heaters, NR66-SV-NG has a compact design, and has the ability to provide non-stop water heating facility.


You can save on energy expenses of up to 50 percent. Made of durable material, NR-66-SV water heaters last 3 times longer than traditional heaters.

Provides water heating facility for all types and sizes of apartments
You can choose from flexible installation options that suit your apartment, condominium or townhouse needs

3. Noritz NRC111-SV NG Indoor/Outdoor Condensing Tankless Natural Gas Water Heater, 8.4 GPM
BRAND : Noritz
PRICE : USD 1819.98

NRC111-SV NG model uses a dual heat exchanger, which is a combination of stainless steel and copper exchangers. The stainless steel components trap the exhaust temperatures and do an initial heating of the water before the water flows through the copper heat exchanger.

Since the exhaust temperatures are captured, carbon dioxide emission is less. This also increases the heater’s efficiency to up to 93 percent.


Although you have to wait for a moment before the heating starts to happen, the water heater delivers long lasting efficiency. With minimum resource utilization, such as electricity and water, it delivers efficiency of over 90 percent. And it is low on CO2 emissions as well.

93% thermal efficiency recorded
Low on emissions

4. 7.1 Gpm Noritz Residential Tankless Hot Water Heater Natural Gas
BRAND : Noritz
PRICE : USD 1399.99

NR71 is for small homes with one to three showers. A size configuration has to be done on it for it to be able to supply endless water heating facility to an entire home. Using gas-combustion technology, the burners inside the water heater maximize efficiency, whilst keeping emissions lows.


It has automatic air regulation capabilities, which result in optimum gas-burning efficiency. You can set temperatures ranging from 100 degrees to 160 degrees Celsius. Also, it features general Noritz features such as safety-lock, height-adjustment, and freeze protection.

Features unique gas-combustion technology
Has automatic air regulation that aids in optimized burning of gas
Low on emissions and reasonable high on efficiency

5. Noritz NR83-DVC-NG Indoor Condensing Tankless Water Heater
BRAND : Noritz

Featuring an advanced Eco-friendly water heating mechanism, this model has a commercial grade heat exchanger and a burner that is low on emissions. In the league of 180,000 btuh concentric water heater models, Noritz NR83-DVC-NG is the best.


It is recirculation compatible. You can set its temperature thresholds, which range from 100 to 140 F. The burner used in this water heater has an industry leading burning mechanism that is high on efficiency and low on emissions.

Highly eco-friendly product design
Suitable for large homes
Has latest and greatest green-engineering technologies
Delivers sustained cost-savings over a period of time

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