New ‘Air Shower’ to help meet water-crisis!

new air shower 9With the water crisis taking a horrifying shape across the world, people thriving on the driest populated continent suffering from water-borne diseases need to use water wisely. And, to help them do it, here is one of the tech solutions Australian researchers.

To safe the earth from soaring water-crisis tragedies, they have come up with a way to reduce water used during showers by a third! But, how did they do it? — By adding air!

True, the concept of an aerated shower is not a new one. But, what the scientists developed is an innovative nozzle that fits into an existing shower head, filling the water droplets with tiny bubbles of air.

Jie Wu, leader of the Commonwealth Science and Industrial Research Organization team that developed the device explained,

The nozzle creates a vacuum that sucks in air and forces it into the water stream.

While using these new ‘air showers’, you will find no difference in water pressure or sensation from your normal showers
, according to the research. But, a difference it could hugely make is save more than 45,000 Olympic-sized swimming pools worth of water if used in all Australian households!

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