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Multi-Fuel Lanterns from BriteLyt

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petromax lantern

The fifth (5th) generation of the “Original” Petromax lantern is here in the market. This is no ordinary lantern. It is of multi-fuel use – i.e. able to burn in at least seven types of fuel, including biodiesel! Kerosene, bio-diesel, diesel, gasoline, mineral spirits, charcoal lighter fluid and lamp oils are the approved fuel types. So, with this lamp, you can have a choice on which fuel it can be burnt without worrying about a particular type not at hand for the moment.

This Lantern System is patented and designed by BriteLyt and made by Petromax since the 1920s. The Lantern will heat a 20′ x 20′ area – output of 5,500 to approx. 6,500 btu’s without heating adapter! Constructed with solid brass and used by the US Military, the BriteLyt-Petromax lanterns are built to last from generation to generation.

Via: BriteLyt

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