Mother’s star gazing gets an architect to build house with an ‘Umbrella Roof’

bamboo house 1

Eco Factor: Sustainable house made using bamboo.

This bamboo house has been designed by architect Benjamin Garcia Saxe of Benjamin Garcia Saxe Architecture for his mother, who always kept dreaming of a place that she could call home. After becoming transfixed with the moon and the sun, she inspired her son to build a permanent bamboo house with a cone-shaped “umbrella roof” that opens to reveal the natural elements.

bamboo house 2

The house is composed of two separate modules – a kitchen/living area and a bedroom space. The bamboo house inverts the role of the forest by bringing it inside, hence meeting the needs of the architect’s mother in providing her with a permanent dwelling which retains an intimate relationship with the natural environment.

bamboo house 3

bamboo house 4

bamboo house 5

bamboo house 6

Via: World Architecture News

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