Matt Allert’s Dwelling Dock: The complete, self-dependent ‘green’ house


Now that’s called a complete ‘green’ dwelling. Matt Allert’s Dwelling Dock is something that everyone would love to possess or live in. The almost green dwelling has some electrifying features making it stand alone in the race. Green? The house (Dwelling Dock) would be manufactured, and would include all the paraphernalia we’ve come to expect in green homes: pervious paving, recycled materials, living roof, water collection, and photovoltaic panels.

Allert’s green?

The house will be able to collect rainwater for reuse, produce energy on-site, use local materials (recycled) and minimize site disturbance and preserve existing site resources. The concept may have certain loop holes here and there, but can come in handy in places where natural resources are on a lower side cuz these tiny little things, if ignored, can turn the tables drastically.


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