Malaysia to make roof-top rainwater harvesting mandatory for big buildings

harvesting systems on rooftops 9Are you living in Malaysia and possess a building with a large roof? Then, get ready to install gutters and tanks in your building that will help harvest rainwater. New rules are being implemented to make building, especially the bigger ones like the university campuses and factories, to harvest rain water.

According to the New Straits Times, Prime Minister Abdullah Ahmad Badawi said,

It’s a sheer waste for treated water to be used to wash cars or water plants. When we use treated water for such chores our water bills increase and we are the ones who will lose out.

The new plan wants the harvested water to be used for washing cars, flushing toilets, watering plants. And the treated water would be saved for drinking, cooking and showering, news reports said Wednesday.

Such a plan was necessary as consumers waste too much of the water that supplies in the country’s main city — Kuala Lumpur – which is expected to run short of water supply within the next decade if this goes on, according to Malaysian authorities.

The reports do not clearly specify the time from when the new rules, drawn up by the Housing and Local Government Ministry would go into effect.

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