Make your office paperless and eco friendly with Attache 7

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If you are wondering what on earth is Attache 7… Well, it is apparently the world’s first zero carbon footprint accounting and payroll software, created by Attache Software. After installing this software, Mike Rich managing director of Attache Software managed to save paper the height of Sydney Tower! Imagine if just one organization can achieve so much, if all individuals and companied tried to do their bit how much they would end up saving. Attache 7 software will integrate with your other Windows software. I am sure you will love the powerful information management features, especially the ability to drill down from enquiry and look up screens, and the seemingly limitless options to send data to printer, fax, email, file or other applications. Attache 7 also includes many new features that make it easier to manage users and companies as well as productivity improvements in managing masterfiles and transactions. I hope Attache 7 really becomes the favored choice for importers, wholesalers, distributors, manufacturers, clubs, community groups and retail chains, because, you will be horrified to know that greenhouse gas emissions from the information communication technology industry outstrip even the aviation industry. Via: News

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