‘Low carbon diet’ guides to emissions-lowering actions!

lower ones carbon footprint 9After the failure of the 2000’s step-by-step program by David Gershon — a la Weight Watchers — to guide reduce carbon footprint of a person, the world seems to have, by now, shifted its attitudes toward global warming – followed by perhaps the catastrophic fury of hurricane Katrina.

And eventually, Gershon created a slim workbook titled “Low Carbon Diet: A 30 Day Program to Lose 5,000 Pounds”, with a serious attempt to change American energy-consumption behavior. It is a user-friendly guide to replete with checklists and illustrations.

Gershon’s book guides participants through a month-long process of behavioral change. With the fact that the average US household emits 55,000 pounds of carbon dioxide annually, each participant calculates his or her footprint with its guidance.

Browsing a list of emissions-lowering actions, the goal of the book is to reduce that amount of emission bit by bit. As for example –

Replacing an incandescent bulb with a fluorescent reduces 100 pounds annually.

Purchasing an energy-efficient furnace leads to a 2,400-pound reduction.

Tuning up an existing furnace reduces carbon emissions by 300 pounds.

Insulating warm air ducts lowers emission by 800 pounds.

So now, it’s your turn to help Gershon guide you in reducing your ‘carbon footprint.’

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