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Life-saving HydropPack ensures clean water supply during disasters

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Let’s welcome the latest breakthrough technology designed especially for disasters. The HydroPack, a specially planned water filtration device that will prove to be a boon for disaster-hit areas, has finally come to the rescue.

The life-saving device from Hydration Technology Innovations uses forward osmosis, which is beneficial for relief operations at disaster-hit locations. This new water filtration device is similar to an empty Capri Sun pouch filled with nutrients inside. Though, unlike the latter, when it is dropped in any water reservoir, say a mud puddle, a polluted aquifer or a swimming pool, the device fills itself with drinkable water after eight to 12 hours.

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As per the HTI estimations, the HydroPack could have managed to save approximately 90 percent of the shipping cost after the Haiti earthquake. With this device, you are merely shipping a small pouch consisting of some electrolyte powder that weighs far less than the actual weight of the water, making it easier to transport. At the time of emergency, it could also be distributed among the victims in a faster and cheaper way compared to bottled water. The HydroPack can be a blessing in drastic situations, warding off further harm to the victims.

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