LED Lightbulbs: The stylish green lights of the future

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We all know about the utilitiy of LED lights. Hence there is no point of comparison between them and the traditional lightbulbs or energy-efficient compact fluorescent bulbs (CFL). Did you know that CFL, which is said to be superior, has traces of mercury inside making them extremely dangerous to dispose of in case they break? The whole thing makes us ponder whether there are safe and environmentally friendly lighting alternatives. To combat this growing environmental woe, Frog Design has designed a concept called the LED lightbulb.

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These lights provide better color and there are no nasty pollutants like those from the compact fluorescents. All one needs to do is promptly install an LED lightbulb of satisfactory output, and then they can forget about replacing it for a long time. They do not contain any mercury and can be easily recycled without damaging the environment. The lights are cleverly crafted and have fetched the designers an IDEA Gold Award for their eco-friendly design. So next time you buy these lights, you’ve got to remember that with each installation not only are you saving a tremendous amount of money, but you are also contributing your bit toward the environment.

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Via: YankoDesign

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