Indianapolis moving towards a more eco-friendly and sustainable city

of arts parking structure 9

The green roof atop the Indianapolis Museum of Art’s parking structure stands alone in terms of major sustainable development projects, and now it’s looking hard at more sustainability measures.

The leaders of the city hope that roof greening spark both citizens’ and government officials’ imagination alike. The Indianapolis Star reports that the mayor and other officials of the state are looking forward at a wide project range.

As part of Mayor Bart Peterson’s pledge to push a “sustainable” city agenda, the city officials seem optimistic towards the rooftop as an inspiration for a larger movement toward more environment-friendly building practices in the city.

Deriving inspirations from cities like Chicago and Seattle, the city officials of Indianapolis are exploring various measures like –

Switching to alternative fuel sources,
Planting more trees,
Upgrading walkways,
Overhauling the city’s recycling program and
Cutting government energy consumption.

True, Indianapolis is still very much in its planning stages of ‘sustainability’, but it is clear they are clearly thinking about a multifaceted approach to ‘sustainable development.’

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