Human-Power: Digging up green gold from trash!

greem dump jL25s 7071
This is what pretty much digging up gold from absolute trash means. This human-powered green vehicle (And it is also painted green just to drive home the point) has been recovered from a giant pile of trash that was found at the city’s dump. The vehicle seems to be some kind of experimental human-powered transportation medium and might have been discarded by the designer as he either did not find it of any substantial use or maybe there were already quite a few akin to this one!

This one is not the conventional pedal powered vehicle and with a bit of tweaking around we might actually end up getting a nice little vehicle for commuting across the city on a short-distance basis. While there have been many pedal-powered and human powered vehicles off late, this one is unique as it has such a low position for the rider. It is so low that you are almost sleeping in the vehicle while riding it and you could get right beneath a truck without getting even a scratch.

It is nice to see such concept vehicles powered by human-power though the trash pile is not the ideal place to find them. Now hopefully the person who uncovered this will redo it and find a use for it on a daily basis. But it still is a fine prototype!

Via: Flickr

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