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by Ecofriend1874

Rains are enjoyed by all, preserved by some and guaranteed by none. When the unpredictable source of water resource is at its fluctuating best, it is time for us to shift on some other modes of power. As water, the basic need is used by the throbbing population constantly and also extracted from the heart of the earth in an enormous amount for fulfilling industrial needs. These extractions without filling back the treasures will leave us with no water one day and hence hardly any life.

The sorry state of the earth is not latent to any eye. For the rescue of the ailing planet there are many new techniques and leading them all are the green power generation schemes. These environment friendly technologies make sure that no depletion of the environment occurs and there is enough of time for it to rest and restore its previous state. The Scotland power station has recently witnessed a great high.

How do they do it?
Scotland has great power generating plants which run on wind. The winds are great source of energy but are not given the needy glanced and the energy gets wasted.  This wind when barricaded by the long erected poles is stopped from flowing freely and put on use. The energy being wasted is now used for rotating turbines which run a machinery used for generating current or electricity. This electricity is manufactured by giving no harm to environment thus is ranked as healthy for the planet and indirectly us too. It is a work of great minds and accepted widely.


Apart from wind, there are many other renewable resources which are the resources which once used can be generated back, namely, tidal waves, solar rays, biomass, geothermal energy and wave power etc.  Other methods used can also consist of reduction in the excretion of toxics so that no or less harm is caused to environment. All these modes are useful and shall be accepted at all small and big scales in order to make the environment get out of the fix.

Just like Scotland every other province can realise their potential and use the natural bounties for a sustainable environment. The electricity so produced is not only healthy but also feasible. The cost of the plants installation etc can be covered really soon. As high energy is generated with engineering development which is comparatively cheaper from the ancient toxic methods, the government can earn a lot from it.

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