Green tea cuts fatal heart disease risk!

green tea

Whenever visits Japan, a very few tourists fail to experience a sip to the country’s favourite drink — Green tea. But, he may not know that it is not only cherished for the brewing taste, but also its power to substantially cut the risk of dying from a range of illnesses! A Japanese study has found this amazing medicinal value of the drink.

The study found that it can cut the risk of fatal cardiovascular disease by more than a quarter!
That is amazing, true, though the British heart experts said that the benefits may be linked to the Japanese diet as a whole — which is healthier than what is eaten in the west.

Around 80% of people in the north-eastern Japan drink green tea, with more than half consuming three or more cups each day. But, is questionable if drinking the same amount of the drink a day in the UK would have a significant impact on heart disease levels!

The Journal of the American Medical Association has published the work.

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