Green Mega structures: Dalian Aeropolis in China is an eco friendly city

1 The mega structure NDA Design Associates proposal to design Dalian’s new airport zone and work on the lines of the idea of a “balanced city” has won international accolades to itself. NDA Design Associates is a French-based architectural company. The design is labelled as “Dalian Aeropolis: a balanced city” and works on the principles of utilizing available city resources and incorporating them into the innovative designing. The architectural venture that won in the International Urban Master plan competition in Dalian would be undertaken in conjunction with MVA, its transport partner. What makes it Mega? With the Aeropolis including a Sports city and land measurements amounting to 168 km2, the city is supposed to be the largest project undertaken by a foreign architect company. With the bigger area, the city boasts of handling about 25 million passengers annually. Comparing on the basis of the area covered, the surface measures more than Central Paris or Manhattan. Given the perfect blend of design and the huge measurements and its location in North Dalian, the area would necessarily develop as the city’s most significant hub. The construction of the project and the idea involved has provided an estimate of one million people as incoming population. With the huge capacity and provided surface area, the air hub is slighted to become the largest in Northern Asia. The airport zone would be divided into 8 key areas which would bear distinguished characteristics. That, however, does not imply the absence of similarity index. Similarity element would also be added so that the different areas can still connect and co-exist. This is based on the idea of providing comfort to inhabitants. fact box Eco Credentials Eco friendly characterstics are also on the design palate dedicated to the Dalian Aeropolis. The designers have introduced manmade lakes in the design in order to insure water dependability. This has been done by drawing upon the top soil from the sea. The company has brought into use its expertise in marina and landscaping with the structuring of natural green sanctuary and development of local communities in modern villages while at the same time incorporating the available fishing and agricultural resources. Via: World Architecture News

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