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Green DIY – A Steam-powered Battery Charger

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a steam powered battery charger

If you are not yet ready to catch the solar era of eco-friendly gadgets, then try this out – a steam-powered battery charger that will give more meaning to the junk lying around in your home. The project makes use of a “Look Out” brand boiler from the 40s, a 6 HP steam engine from 1903 and a self-made magnetic alternator that uses all that steam to generate electricity to power your batteries.

This magnetic alternator charges a 48V battery bank at 120 rpm and at 200 rpm it generates 2000 Watts of power, which is pretty good considering the hardware that is involved in the DIY. The best feature of the project is that it can maintain this level of power even with low grade dead wood. Click here for more detailed explanation of the DIY.

Via: Good Clean Tech

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