GREEN CELL aims to put an end to all those annoying cell phone chargers and batteries

green cell battery

Every day you see that companies are launching new cellphone models and each of them comes with a new type of battery and a new charger. So what about all those chargers and batteries you have collected in earlier years. Simple, you just throw it into the landfill where hazardous chemicals present in the batteries reach the water channels and come back to your home. Have you ever thought of a safer alternative to all this pollution? This problem would not have been as great as it is today had cellphone manufacturers developed similar batteries and chargers for all the models.

However, that is something we wish and for now we have to think about some other alternative. The Green Cell Battery is one such alternative. It’s a safe, ecofriendly battery that is made without any toxic chemicals and the best part is that whenever it runs out of charge, it can easily be exchanged for a fresh battery at a local vending machine.

green cell 2 battery

Designed by Theo Richardson with Charles Brill and Alex Williams of RBW for the Greener Gadgets Competition, this battery ensures that used batteries don’t enter the landfill, but are efficiently recycled in the best possible way. Another good feature is that the battery has been designed to operate with all the electronic gadgets that are presently in the market so that users don’t have to change the cell when a new model comes in the market.

Via: Inhabitat

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