Glowing red: Wattson’s Wireless Energy Meter

wattson digital device

Gadget companies surely know how to strike hard when the iron is hot!

With more and more people getting eco conscious this year, companies are busy launching products one after the other to calculate energy consumptions and carbon footprints.

After the Energy tree, it’s now Wattson, a wireless digital device that looks like a scale, only that it doesn’t measure and show your weight but the amount of electricity being consumed in the house real time.

Just clip the transceiver to the cable between your electricity meter and your fuse box, and the wireless Wattson will start dong its job.

With lovely glossy white finish and compact design is handheld and can be taken anywhere in the house.

This stylish piece apart from measuring electricity also displays your annual consumption of electricity and of course the cost.

So you can now check how much energy your television is taking and also how much that is going to cost you.

The machine will not only make you realize the amount of energy you waste but also help lessen the carbon footprint weight on you.

The LED characters on the top of the device become red when the energy is being used and even redder when the energy use is more. However, a soothing blue light glows under the device, once the energy consumption is less.

Available for $124.95, this product is a must buy if you really want to save your money and the planet.

Via: GoodCleanTEch

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