GEDAYC wind turbine offer 50% more efficiency than conventional models

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Eco Factor: New wind turbine with blades and comets can generate power from weak to very strong winds.

Coming out as an improvement over the conventional wind turbines, the GEDAYC is a new concept of wind turbines that is capable of generating energy from very weak to very strong winds. The new design incorporates wind generator blades and kites, making it 50% more efficient than propeller models. An improvement over the design of current 3 shaft wind generators, the 500 KW GEDAYC is 5 times cheaper, 5 times faster, 5 times easy to carry, 5 times easier to install, 5 times easier to fabricate and 3 times efficient than the present wind turbines.

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The makers of GEDAYC wind turbine do not believe in making the world’s largest wind turbine, but the most efficient, capable of producing more energy at lower cost. If you ask me, this wind turbine with blades and comets is a perfect combination of efficient design and aesthetics. The usual wind speed in any part of the world is 6 m/s and the larger wind turbines that are thought to be more efficient require wind speed of from 12 m/s, but the GEDAYC is capable of harnessing energy even at wind speed of 6 m/s.

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