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Eco Tech: Stylish Terraviva Domestic Composter for indoor composting

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terraviva domestic composter

Eco Factor: A stylish indoor composter that can process organic waste into compost.

I don’t think there is any need to explain how a composter can help us keep our environment clean. Every day waste that we throw into the trash is not as useless as you think. If you think keeping a composter in your house will look ugly, then the “Terraviva Domestic Composter” is the right choice for you. At first sight, it will convince you that composters are not always ugly looking boxes. It’s as stylish as any other luxury device in your home. All you need is too put your leftovers like peels and other organic stuff into it and link it with a power source for just 20 minutes a day.

With the help of aerobic microorganisms, it can convert 12 liters of your kitchen waste into compost at a time that will be good enough to help your garden plants grow healthier.

terraviva domestic composter 2

The Dark Side:
The composter looks good, both in design and working as far as the indoor is concerned. However, it’s only a concept yet. Response from the public, if ever it came to market, will decide its fate.

Dvice Via: Yanko Design

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