Eco Tech: SDJB debuts recycled gold bars to reduce mining waste

gold bars

Eco Factor: Gold bars recycled from old gold jewelry.

Researchers estimate that mining the amount of gold used in a typical 18 karat gold ring generates about 20 tons of mine waste, which does contain toxic elements harmful for the ecosystem. San Diego Jewelry Buyers (SDJB) has started a new endeavor along with local award-winning designer Timothy Meier to provide recycled fine jewelry to San Diego residents.

SDJB allows consumers to sell any old gold jewelry at their store in exchange for money. This gold is then melted down, refined and cast into gold bars, which are supplied to Timothy Meier Design for creating ecofriendly, recycled jewelry. Carl Blackburn, the founder of SDJB, expects the company to be self-sufficient in respect to gold in the coming years.

The Dark Side:

Recycling gold is one but not the only way jewelry can go green. The energy required to melt gold to create jewelry still comes from conventional sources.

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