Eco Tech: Nano-scale piezoelectric devices generate electricity from motion

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Eco Factor: Small piezoelectric generators convert motion energy into alternating current.

Researchers at Georgia Tech University have developed small size piezoelectric generators made from zinc oxide wires bundled together in flexible plastic. These generator produces 45 millivolts each whenever the zinc wire is pulled back and forth. These generators are so small that they can be integrated into any material or device that remains in motion.

Researchers hope that a group of similar devices can be used to charge sensors and other low-power devices such as embedded MEMS devices. The future belongs to devices that are powerful, efficient and yet small. These piezoelectric generators can be used to power chips in nano sensors used in medical sensing, environmental monitoring and defense technology. Their small size can also bring a new era of personal gadgets that just have to be moved enough before they can be used.

The Dark Side:

If researchers are able to figure out an eco alternative to plastic being used in these devices, then we are sure that this research will rewrite the future of renewable electricity.

Via: TheEnergyRoadmap/ScienceDaily

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