Eco Oceans: Eco-Mobile Robot to clean up the world’s oceans on a grand scale

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Eco Factor: An elaborate system that aims at cleaning up the world’s oceans and constantly monitor them.

The Eco-Mobile Robot is one of the most extensive and intricate concepts ever designed to clean up the oceans of the planet, and it is filled with green goodness. The huge floating decks are much like oil rigs in design but totally opposite in nature. They clean up the oceans by sucking up toxic and plastic waste and releasing the non-toxic saline water back into the sea. The technology is integrated with a network of satellites across the globe that monitor and signal the areas that require immediate attention.

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Designed by Ejiuson Ueda, this extensive cleaning system has a structure that rids the oceans of excess harmful contents, making them safe for marine life once again. The harmful substances are stored in a tank and later disposed of in a safe and clean manner.

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The Dark Side:

Such an international operation would be impossible to coordinate in a practical world, where nothing but economics matter, and it would be hard to get a few countries to sign on to simple treaties that would help cut down on emissions. Moreover, maintaining equipment in saline water would be one difficult challenge to overcome.

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