Eco Homes: Floating home to keep you dry in a globally warmed world

floating home

Eco Factor: Sustainable prefabricated home gets powered by renewable energy.

A floating home is where you could find yourself living if the average temperature of the planet continues to rise. Industrial designer Gabriel Wartofsky is leaving no stone unturned in designing a home that could be in high demand in the near future. Gabriel has come up with a prefabricated home dubbed “Floating House” which relies on renewable energy for heat and power.

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The 800-square-foot home is to be partially assembled in nearby shipping yards, and partially constructed on-site. The backbone of the house consists of pre-fabricated aluminum extrusions set into an ashcrete/post-consumer Styrofoam base, between which trellises are hung to allow location-specific herbs, flowers and plants, ranging from wisteria to catnip, to grow.

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The green walls provide structure and privacy, while filtering air and gray water. They also help in regulating temperature and reducing the energy needed to keep the interiors cool. A central spine circulates potable water between a living machine purification system and solar heating cisterns. Communal tugboats transport homes from location to location, depending on environmental conditions and/or the owner’s whim.

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Thanks: [Gabriel Wartofsky]

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