Eco Gadgets: SunCatcher debuts solar charger to green golf carts

suncatcher solar panels

Eco Factor: Solar chargers for golf carts.

SunCatcher has launched a new range of solar panels that can be installed on all major golf cart brands for on-the-move charging. The panels are to be installed on the cart’s roof and they will charge the cart’s internal batteries while you play your favorite game on a sunny afternoon. During sunny days the cart will be powered directly from the solar panels, and when you are busy in the game they charge the internal batteries to ensure you never run out of juice. Easy to install and maintenance-free, the panels come with a charge controller to prevent batteries from being overcharged by the sun.

The Dark Side:

The regular drawbacks of solar energy are seen in these chargers too. Depending too much on an unpredictable source of energy without any backup mechanism might ruin your game on an overcast day.

Via: Travelizmo

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