Eco Gadgets: Maingear debuts Pulse, a green PC for an eco-conscious gamer

maingear pulse

Eco Factor: Pulse from Maingear saves up to 40% energy.

Green PCs usually save energy due to a lack in performance, which makes these PCs good for an average internet surfer but not for more extreme computer users such as gamers. Adding better GPUs and more powerful processors makes these computers fast but this additional boost in performance comes at the cost of energy.

Maingear has tried to change this misconception that more power means more energy by developing a new PC that has been aimed towards avid gamers. The Pulse, as the system has been christened, is being touted to be the world’s greenest gaming PC and is the first upgradable NVIDIA Ion PC ever.

The machine makes use of NVIDIA Ion Graphics for energy savings, which can also be upgraded to GeForce 9800 ECO for better response. The computer starts at $799 and is available in two versions with either a dual core or a quad core Intel processor.

Via: OhGizmo

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