Eco Gadgets: Energy Seed Lamp glows on trashed batteries

energy seed lamp dqpek 69

Eco Factor: Energy-efficient lamp sucks out the last drops of juice from a dead battery.

Portable batteries refined the way electronics were used. Be it our cellphones, MP3 players, digital cameras — everything runs on portable batteries. While some of them can be recharged and used again, some are disposable batteries that are not decomposable. These still have some amount of charge left, which is just not enough to power your Walkman.

While we don’t really care about this last bit of life left in these batteries, we throw them and buy new ones. The Energy Seed Lamp makes sure that these batteries are really dead before they reach their final destination – the landfill. The lamp has slots for the public to dispose batteries of all shapes and sizes. All it needs is just two volts from a group of dead batteries to illuminate itself. Since the lamp will depend on how many people dispose their dead batteries in the lamp, it will indirectly promote healthy recycling of these dead batteries.

The Dark Side:

The lamp just sucks out all the energy from dead batteries and they still have the same fate after the lamp has used all what remained in them. If proper care is not taken in disposing the batteries used by the lamp, they will still have the same dreadful effects on the environment.

Via: GreenUpgrader

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