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Eco gadgets: Apple’s clean & eco-sensitive iPod!

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Eco factor: Environmentally friendly music player

The recently launched fourth generation iPod nano is a celestial gift for the environmentally conscious music lover. This model combines the best of the second-generation player’s shape with the large screen and video playback of the third-generation model. However, the new piece is far slender with superior features like an accelerometer-driven interface that rotates the on-screen interface along with improved photo browsing.

This version has similar functions in comparison with the previous piece with the only differentiating factor being its eco-friendliness. The new and improved iPod nano uses materials like aluminum exterior, arsenic-free glass and toxin-free internals for its design, making it a blessing for each one of us.

The Dark Side:

More and more companies are choosing the green path because of the growing concern about the environment. Apple’s done the same thing and this move is certainly worth all the praise. Similarly the company’s new product (iPod nano) retains all its previous features along with the added benefit of being supportive to the environment. How can that ever qualify as a bad thing?

Via: Cleantechnica

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