Eco friendly ideas for dieting

Being lean can also mean being green, if you are planning to lose extra pounds but do not have the resolve to cut the extra calories, why not move on to a diet that is healthier for you and good for the planet. Here are some eco friendly ideas for dieting that can help you to reduce your weight and your carbon foot print at the same time:

urlThe real food diet

By real food is meant fresh produce that is mostly natural and wholesome, this diet can also include certified organic foods that are produced locally. Most of the foods available at the super market are highly processed and have been lying on the shelves for long periods of time which means that they won’t be very fresh; they also containunpronounceable ingredients that are harmful. This diet should only contain fresh foods, seasonal produce, eggs, meat, good fats and dairy and anything that contains natural nutrition.

FThe Locavore Diet

Foods are imported and exported everyday and most of the food on your table and kitchen has probably traveled over 1300 to 200 miles before it reaches your grocers. This diet consists of eating those foods that are produced within 100 miles of where you live. Buy locally produced foods that are fresh from the family farms, farmers market, food cooperation, local bakeries and agricultural associations that are supported by the local community. You will also be helping out the local community.

r-SOYBEANS-large570Eco Atkins Diet

The Atkins Diet has been a controversial one because of its high protein and low carb principles; it also contains animal fats as well. The eco friendly version of this diet involves a greener twist to the same principle where the proteins come from beans, soy and starch free gluten that can reduce your waist line and bad LDL levels.

86527435BPA free diet

BPA had been connected to a whole host of diseases like type 2 diabetes and obesity and is unfortunately still present in many foods. This diet involves eliminating canned foods and packaged foods that have a waxy liner to maintain freshness, foods that have been covered with metal lids and frozen processed foods as all these packaging materials contain high doses of BPA. Replace them with fresh healthy and unpackaged foods that are free from chemical additive just like grandma used to make.

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