Eco Boats: ZEMBO zero-emission concept boat gets powered by fuel cells

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Eco Factor: Fuel cell-powered concept boat.

Designed by Simon Gorski of Entwurfreich, ZEMBO (Zero Emission Boat) is a 12m long, motorized boat concept, settled in the premium day-cruiser segment. The extreme lightweight construction of the recyclable aluminum-mono hull has excellent gliding properties and reduces the weight substantially.

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Powered by the energy from a fuel cell in combination with a wave generator, ZEMBO reaches an emission free top speed of 35 knots(65km/h), exploring an action radius of 200 nautical miles (370 km).

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The new way of defining the interior space in the segment of a day-cruiser with a big central cabin for 4-6 persons, is not only visualizing the advantages of material and manufacturing method, but also leads to the possibility of alternative utilization concepts.

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Thanks: [Simon Gorski]

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