Eco Arts: Repurposed zip tie lamp makes trash glow

helios lamp 4

Eco Factor: Lamp made from recycled zip ties.

We all buy a large number of gadgets and appliances for our homes each year and throw away all the packaging material that ends up clogging the landfills and polluting the ecosystem. Avid DIYers have always found many of those materials interesting for their new projects. Designer Charles Parsons has a similar mindset and has designed a stunning piece of art from zip ties.

helios lamp 1

Charles uses more than a thousand of zip ties to design a lamp he calls the Helios. The Helios lamp is 24 inches long and 15 inches in diameter and is made from acrylic rings and 1200 zip ties that are held together by stainless nuts and washers.

helios lamp 2

helios lamp 3

helios lamp 5

helios lamp 6

helios lamp 7

Thanks: [Charles Parsons]

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