Eco Arts: Nail bench – Recycled sting for comfort!

nail bench1

Eco Factor: Trashed nails transformed into a bench.

We all know that twisted and unusable nails in your pathway can be a serious problem both for your feet and your car’s tires. Nobody wants to bleed or see a flat tire right in the morning and knowing that it was all because of your carelessness frustrates you even more. Artist Jay-Hyo Lee collects all those twisted nails and places them right under your butt, of course in a more comfortable and aesthetic manner.

nail bench2

The artist creates beautiful and pleasing benches from old nails that are hammered into the surface of natural wood. These nails are then bent to create patterns that evoke the ripples of water or currents of air. Once the hammering and designing job is complete, the artist grinds the nails, exposing raw silver metal to make sure that not even one nail is in a wrong position.

Via: Dornob/Core77

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